What’s Actually Safe To Do For The Holidays During The Pandemic?

The pandemic has pretty much ruined everything this year, and we must tread carefully into the holiday season as it continues. In fact, we should be celebrating differently this year. You really shouldn’t be traveling to visit people outside of your own household, but if you do so anyway you should travel by car, and you should arrive early so you can isolate for a while before seeing your loved ones.


If you’re heading to a different state you should also check that state’s guidelines for any travel restrictions. Also, infectious disease expert Scott Weisenberg says you should avoid prolonged close contact with people, particularly indoors. You’ll be safest celebrating outdoors while maintaining physical distance, and should limit any gathering to a very small group. If you’re insisting on meeting indoors keep the gathering small and be sure to open the windows and wear masks, and also stick to hanging out with people who have a similar risk-tolerance to you, especially if you’re planning to eat dinner in their presence.


Also, experts say your safest bet is to postpone any gatherings until it’s much, much safer to do so—and that might not be until after spring 2021 as vaccines are on the horizon. Ultimately staying safe and healthy is more important than putting yourself and loved ones at risk for the sake of season traditions.  (HuffPost.com)