How Our Pets Have Helped Us Through the Pandemic

Here are some quick stats on how our pets have helped us through this dumb, ridiculous year . . .


  1. 86% of pet owners say their pets have provided them with some much-needed companionship in 2020.


  1. 1 in 3 people who took the poll got a new pet this year.  And 36% said it was to help avoid or deal with depression.


  1. 78% say their pets have helped with stress or anxiety.


  1. 75% said having a pet at home made them less bored, and helped with the monotony this year.


  1. 69% say their pets gave them an added sense of hope.


  1. When people were asked to name the top benefits of working from home, half said more time with their pets.  Only 36% said the same about more time with their family.

 (Better Cities for Pets)