Holiday Tipping

Here are some guidelines for whom to tip for the holidays and how much, thanks to the experts at The Emily Post Institute for People Who Are Just Plain Better than You.

– Hairstylists and barbers: tip up to the cost of one visit. Unless you shell out several hundred dollars per visit at a salon for a cut, color and highlight. (* In that case, they should tip you.)
– Au pair or live-in nanny: Up to one week’s pay.
– Regular babysitter: Up to one evening’s pay.
– Daycare provider: $25 for each staff member who works with your little angel; up to $70 if your kid is real pain in the butt.
– Regular cleaner: Up to one week’s pay and/or a small gift.
– Live-in help: Up to one week to one month of pay, plus a gift
– Dog walker: Up to one week’s pay.
– Groomer: Up to the cost of one session.
– Personal trainer or regular massage therapist: up to the cost of one session.
– Newspaper delivery person: $10 to $30.

Gee, they forgot about the chauffeur, the chef and the personal shopper.