Excuses for Not Getting a Flu Shot

Have you gotten your flu shot yet?  If you haven’t, your reason might be found on this list of The Top Excuses for Not Getting a Flu Shot.


  • It requires a $10 co-pay and c’mon . . . you’re not made of money!

  • You just don’t know how deep this whole liberal hoax thing goes.

  • The flu will strengthen your immune system for when you inevitably contract gonorrhea.

  • You already have one of those Bill Gates microchips under your skin.

  • It causes soreness and irritation.  And you get that from your husband.

  • You’re waiting for it to come in a liquid form that can be mixed with vodka.

  • Your arm fat is a graveyard of broken needles.

  • What’s the point if you haven’t left your couch since March?