In Person Holiday Shopping

I guess we like shopping from our couch more than getting stampeded by a bunch of people looking for a $5 toaster.  Because half of America now says they’ll NEVER do their holiday shopping in person again.


 52% of people plan to buy all of their Christmas gifts online from now on.  Here are five more quick stats . . .


1.  68% of us plan to do most or all of our holiday shopping online this year.


 2.  30% would rather step on a Lego than be caught in a crowded store.  21% would rather lose their phone for a day.  And 15% would rather get stuck in an elevator.


3.  Porch pirates are a real concern though, with close to half of us more worried about a package being stolen than we are about catching the virus.


 4.  Even if stores have amazing in-store shopping “experiences,” most people said it still wouldn’t get them to shop in person this year.  And 88% of parents probably won’t let their kids sit on Santa’s lap.


 5.  1 in 3 people will wear a mask while ONLINE shopping this year.  Which might sound dumb.  But it’s because so many people shop at work, or on their phone when they’re not home. (97thFloor)