Cute Kid Names For Things

From the Huffington Post Parents Facebook community, here are some more Cute Names Kids Call Things:

– “My daughter called hangers ‘hookers.’ She would yell ‘Mom, I need a hooker!’”
– “My son calls Hershey’s Kisses ‘chocolate hats.’”
– “My son calls Pop-Tarts ‘Bob-Tarts’ (he read the box upside down).”
– “My daughter thought the movie ‘Despicable Me’ was ‘Dee-pickle Mimi.’”
– “My daughter called her nostrils ‘tunnels.’”
– “For one of my sons, chicken legs were ‘drum bones.’”
– “My son used to call an ambulance a ‘hospital bus.’”
– “Instead of unplug, my daughter would say ‘plug it out.’”
– “My 5-year-old calls toenails ‘footnails’ and fingernails ‘handnails.’”
– “My son calls milkshakes ‘ice cream juice.’”
– “‘Long-sleeved pants’ as opposed to shorts.”