Things We Learned from Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving was a little different for most of us this year due to the pandemic.  Hear some examples from this list of The Top Things We Learned from Thanksgiving 2020


  • People should take more pride in their Zoom appearance.
  • No one missed the hippy cousin’s vegan options.
  • Small talk with relatives you only see twice a year?  Totally overrated.
  • Not having to spend three hours teaching grandma how to use her new smart phone was almost worth it.
  • Uncle Ed’s not going to let the MeToo movement stop him from unbuttoning his pants after a full meal.
  • It’s hard to get gravy stains out of a facemask.
  • If it’s not on the table, nobody asks for cranberry sauce.
  • The only thing more painful than being with relatives is watching an NFL game between the Lions and Texans.
  • Tofurky still sucks!