Turkey Fun “Facts”

Thanksgiving is almost here, so it’s the perfect time for this list of The Top Turkey Fun Facts.



  • The early settlers traded them with the natives . . . for smallpox.
  • When turkey comes in a bottle with the name “Wild,” it’s awesome!  Right, trailer parks?
  • A group of turkeys is called a rafter . . . or Congress.
  • Ben Franklin wanted it to be our national symbol.  2020 proved he was right.
  • In most American households, the drumsticks are saved for the fat uncle.
  • That thing that hangs down under their beaks is called a “McConnell.”
  • A domesticated turkey can’t fly.  Which is why it’s known as the “Boeing 737 MAX” of the avian world.
  • Hunters who get super-excited when they bag one probably don’t succeed at a lot of things.
  • The domesticated turkey is just like the wild turkey, except it prefers to stay in and make scrapbooks.
  • A male turkey is called a “tom” and hens are sick of their “tomsplaining.”
  • No, your kid’s hand doesn’t look like one . . . but tell him it does anyway.
  • Vegan turkeys are gaining in popularity with vegans . . . and turkeys.