5 Thanksgiving Foods You Can Bring Through TSA, and Five 5 Can’t

If you’re flying for Thanksgiving and bringing the entire meal WITH you, this might help.  The TSA posted its annual list of Thanksgiving foods you can and can’t bring through security.  Here are five foods you can carry onto an airplane . . .



1.  Meats like turkey and ham.  Frozen, raw, or cooked.  They’re all allowed.

2.  Stuffing.  Again, cooked or uncooked.  You can have it in your carry-on.

3.  Casseroles.  Things like green bean casserole are allowed.  So is mac-and-cheese.

4.  Fresh vegetables and fruit.

5.  Baked goods, like pies, cakes, cookies, and brownies.


Now here are five you CAN’T carry on.  But they can go in your checked luggage . . .


 1.  Mashed potatoes.  Whole potatoes are fine.  But once they’re mashed, they’re not a “solid” food anymore and have to be checked.

2.  Cranberry sauce.  It’s “spreadable,” so it has to be checked.  Even the jelly kind.

3.  Gravy.  Not allowed in your carry-on because it’s a liquid.

4.  Canned fruit and vegetables.  Not allowed because of the liquid in the can.

5.  Wine and other alcohol.  You can only carry them on if you bought them in a duty-free store at the airport. 


(You can check out the full list at TSA.gov.)