High, Medium, and Low-Risk Thanksgiving Activities

The CDC put out a list of various things we normally do on Thanksgiving, and how risky they are during a pandemic.

  Let’s start with a few that AREN’T very high risk . . .

  1.  Low-risk activities include:  Having a small dinner with people in your own household.  Bringing people food, as long as it’s no-contact.  Watching football or parades at home.  And shopping online instead of in person.

  2.  Moderate-risk activities include:  Having a small, outdoor dinner with a few friends and family members.  Doing other things outside in small groups if you social distance.  And even attending a small outdoor sporting event if safety precautions are in place.

  3.  High-risk activities include:  Larger, indoor gatherings and dinners.  Shopping in crowded stores.  Attending a large party.  And drinking alcohol, because it can mess with your judgement and make you less likely to social distance. (CDC)