Rudest Bathroom Habits

Would you say you have good bathroom etiquette?  And how about the people you live with?  A recent poll asked 2,000 people to rank the RUDEST bathroom habits.  And at the top of the list is . . . not replacing an old roll with a new one.  Here are the top ten . . .


 1.  Not replacing an empty roll.

 2.  If necessary, not cleaning the toilet after using it.  That includes peeing on the seat.

 3.  Leaving hair in the shower drain.

 4.  Leaving a nasty smell behind, and doing nothing to cover it up.

 5.  Making a mess in the sink.

 6.  Wet towels on the floor, or hanging on a doorknob.

 7.  Leaving the bathroom floor wet after a shower.

 8.  Leaving the toilet seat up.

 9.  Not cleaning up well enough after you shave.

 10.  Hanging toilet paper the “wrong” way.  Some people like it to go under, and some go over the top. (The Sun)