You Should Be In Thanksgiving Quarantine Now

If you want to visit your family for Thanksgiving safely you should already be in quarantine. Specifically, the experts say you need to quarantine for 14 days, meaning you should’ve started yesterday (November 12th.)

CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen says you need to understand that people we love can carry COVID-19 as much as a stranger can, and that it’s therefore not safe to get together in person, indoors, with anyone not in your immediate household bubble. She adds that if you want to gather indoors you need to quarantine 14 days before, and then get tested for the virus. This is because 14 days is the maximum incubation period for the virus, and taking the test too early might not pick up on the infection.

To successfully quarantine you can still leave your house to take walks and exercise outside, but you should keep your distance from others, and you should limit yourself to just one grocery store trip, and try to go during off-times. She also suggests ordering groceries or even the entire meal to be delivered to your home. The highest-risk activities you can partake in: getting together with people from outside your household indoors, or going to indoor bars or restaurants; you should also avoid gyms. If you can’t quarantine, or even if one person in the group you want to get together with can’t quarantine, you should only gather outdoors and be prepared to keep your distance.