Neiman Marcus’s Annual “Fantasy Gifts”

Congrats to you if you weathered the financial storm so well that you’ve got six figures lying around to spend on hats. Neiman Marcus just released its 94th annual Christmas catalog, and it includes their annual list of ridiculous “fantasy gifts.” 


 While they’re a little less crazy than usual this year . . . no flying cars or jetpacks or anything like that . . . it’s still hard to imagine any rational person spending a fortune on them.  Some of the best ones are . . .


 1.  A $255,000 luxury Airstream-style trailer with, quote, “yacht-grade finishes.”

 2.  A $95,000 collection of custom-made hats.

 3.  A $145,000 custom board game room.

 4.  A $295,000 custom library of travel books.

 5.  A $345,000 “wellness” program that includes a week at a resort and monthly video chats with experts to make sure you’re sticking with the diet they created for you. 


(Here’s the catalog.)