Four Things That Mess with Your Sense of Taste Besides COVID

If you feel like you’re losing your sense of taste or smell, get tested.  Even if you don’t have other symptoms, it could be COVID.  But that said, there are a few other culprits that can cause it too . . .

  Here are four things that can mess with your sense of taste and smell, besides COVID-19 . . .

  1.  Another virus.  Losing your sense of taste or smell is a telltale sign for COVID.  But it occasionally happens with other viruses that cause sinus and respiratory infections.  Including the flu.

  2.  Dental problems.  Gum disease or any kind of oral infection can mess with your sense of taste.  Usually it’s a metallic flavor in your mouth.

  3.  Not getting enough nutrients.  For example, being deficient in zinc can sometimes cause a metallic taste, and can weaken your sense of smell.

  4.  Allergies.  If they’re bad, the congestion and inflammation can block your olfactory receptors behind your nose.  And polyps in your sinuses can mess with your senses too.