Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things, 2020

Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things Gift Catalogue is out for 2020. Here are some of those items:

– My Fabulous Food Sea Salt gift set: $56.00 for two small containers. Of salt.
– A $98 E Marie Travel blanket
– A set of three woven fabric baskets – trash can size – from Mandinka: $120
– A Peach Cobbler Pie from Lush Yummies Pie Co. – $36. For one pie.
– 8 Chocolate Turtles candy from Phillip Ashley Chocolates: $69 (That’s $8.62 per candy)
– A wood and concrete cutting board from Studio Badge: $120
– Telfar faux leather shopping bag, for the supermarket: $202
– Mi Cocina log carrier (a strip of fabric with handles on both ends): $165
– Mirror Home Workout System: A full-length mirror that not only reflects but works as a TV screen where a little ghosty guy in the mirror leads you in a workout: $1,963. Oh – and a one-year subscription to the classes costs $468.

What a relief. We were afraid the list was going to be just a bunch of overpriced crap.