Five Ways to Unwind If You Had a Stressful Week

Between the election and the worsening pandemic, a lot of people had a VERY stressful week.  So here are five ways to unwind now that it’s the weekend . . .


 1.  Unplug.  Even just signing off social media or turning off your phone for a few hours can help.  And definitely don’t check work emails.


 2.  Listen to music.  Research shows that listening to music can help slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure.  It doesn’t have to be relaxing classical music . . . just something you like—you know, Music that Makes You Happy!


 3.  Get outside.  Take a walk or go for a bike ride this weekend.  Or even just drive around with the windows down so you can feel the wind on your face. (The weather will be perfect this weekend)


4.  Do something creative.  Draw a picture, take some photos, write in a journal, or decorate a room in your house.  Letting your mind get some creative energy out can be therapeutic and rejuvenating. 


 5.  Snuggle your pet.  It’s been shown to help relieve anxiety and depression.  And hopefully your pet will enjoy it too. (Kununu)