Questions You Should Never Ask

Here’s a list for anyone who’s socially awkward, or just plain rude.  Someone posted a bunch of risky questions you should probably never ask people.    The one we all know to avoid is, “Are you pregnant?”  But another one on the list is, “Who did you VOTE for?”  Not everyone wants to talk about it, and you might not like the answer.  Here are five more questions you should probably never ask . . .

  1.  “How are you still single?”  It might seem like a compliment, but it’s a touchy subject.  And the word “still” can sound judgmental.  The same goes for “Why don’t you have kids yet?”

  2.  “How much do you make?”  We’ve relaxed about a lot of etiquette rules over the years.  But asking about someone’s salary is still considered rude.

  3.  “How did they die?”  It doesn’t matter who the person was, you probably shouldn’t ask.  And if they don’t offer up that info, then you don’t need to know.

  4.  “Why don’t you ever come out with us anymore?”  The answer this year is usually COVID.  But in general, it comes across as peer pressure, or like you’re judging them for being boring.

  5.  “How old are you?”  That one really depends on age.  If they’re under 30 . . . or over 80 . . . they probably won’t mind.  But everyone in between is a risk.   

 (Reader’s Digest)