Things You’d Be Surprised to Know About Election Day

It’s Election Day so there’s no better time than now for this list of The Top Things You’d Be Surprised to Know About Election Day.


  • It involves two things Americans don’t like:  Participating in their democracy and counting.
  • We vote on Tuesday because it was the most convenient day of the week for farmers.  And tacos.
  • It’s okay to proudly display those “I Voted” stickers on social media . . . unless it’s on your junk.
  • Candidates used to bribe voters with booze.  Unlike today’s candidates, who just make us DRINK booze.
  • Even though we pretend it’s all uncomplicated and fair, the actual rules are about as easy to understand as offsides in soccer.
  • It’s illegal to post a photo of your ballot . . . unless there’s a Kardashian somewhere in frame.
  • The United States has notoriously low voter turnout.  Because Americans only like to stand in line for important things like Popeyes chicken sandwiches.
  • It’s not nearly as lit as Arbor Day, but it’s still a party.