Ways to Deal with Election Stress

 Americans are extremely stressed about the 2020 election.  We’ll try to help calm you down with this list of The Top Ways to Deal with Election Stress.


  • Find something soft to punch.  Like a pillow.  Or your gut.
  • Walk by a skateboard park and inhale deeply.  Enjoy!
  • Exercise.  Ha!  I love a morning laugh.
  • Transfer your stress to something else important like not being able to pick the right Instagram filter. 
  • Guys can relax by lying on a bed while tucking in their shirt Rudy Giuliani style.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath . . . and move to Canada. 
  • Spend five minutes a day meditating . . . and five hours a day annoying your Facebook friends with nonstop posts about how “deep” and “spiritual” you are.
  • lots of sleep.  In other words, watch “Conan”.
  • Five words:  Stay the hell off Twitter.