Here’s Exactly What Time to Get in Bed, Based on When You Need to Wake Up

We get to fall back and gain an hour this Sunday.  So if you’re sleep deprived, that’s good news.  But here’s something else you can also do . . .

  Someone created an online calculator that tells you EXACTLY what time to go to bed, based on when you need to get up.

 Everyone says you need seven to eight hours a night.  But it’s not really that simple, because we sleep in cycles that are around 90 minutes long.

  You’re supposed to get through five or six of those cycles a night.  And if you wake up in the middle of one, you feel more sluggish.  So sometimes it’s better to wake up EARLIER, before a new cycle starts.

  A company in the U.K. built a sleep calculator that gives you four different options, depending on how late you need to stay up.  And it takes the average person 14 minutes to fall asleep, so they factored that in.   All you do is enter your wake-up time, and it spits out four possible bedtimes. 

  For example, if you need to get up at 7:00 tomorrow, you should get in bed at 9:46 . . . 11:16 . . . 12:46 . . . or 2:16 AM.

  You can check it out at  Or there’s a similar website called