Silent Breakfast

If you haven’t hit peak stress in 2020, congrats . . . you’re the only one.  We should probably all be meditating 16 hours a day.  But this seems more doable . . . There’s a wellness trend a lot of yoga retreats are offering now.  And it gives you some of the same benefits as meditation, but it’s easier to start.

 Try eating breakfast in total SILENCE.

 Most of us do the opposite in the morning.  We eat with the TV on while we scroll through news on our phone.  Which isn’t a very calm way to start the day.  Sitting in silence slows your heart rate down, just like meditation.  And your cortisol levels drop too.  That’s the stress hormone you always hear about.

 Instead of “clearing your head,” just focus on your food and try to be present in the moment.  Your mind might race at first, but it’s supposed to get easier and easier.  

Breakfast is the best time to do it, because it sets you up for the rest of the day.  But you can try it at lunch or dinner as well.  And you can do it with other people as long as they agree to be silent too. (NY Times)