Lying About Your “Number”

It’s not a good idea to start a new relationship on a foundation of lies.  But . . . um . . . what if you’re pretty sure there won’t BE a new relationship WITHOUT at least a few strategic lies?

According to a new survey, one out of three people admit that they’ve LIED to their significant other about their number of sexual partners.  Men were almost twice as likely to lie as women.

 And the top two reasons for lying are:  They’re afraid the person would judge them by their real number . . . and they thought their number was too far from their significant other’s number and wanted to close the gap.

The survey also found the five most “uncomfortable” sexual topics to discuss with your partner. They are:  Number of sexual partners . . . past sexual experiences . . . sexual fantasies and things you want . . . kinks . . . and what you could do to be better in bed.  (The Sun)