Tips for Shopping on Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Prime Days are today and tomorrow.  We can help make the experience better with this list of The Top Tips for Shopping on Amazon Prime Days.


  • Make sure you have your bankruptcy lawyer on speed dial.
  • Don’t waste money on looted Nazi art.  It’s a bad look.
  • Instead of spending money on stuff you don’t need, donate it to charity.  Kidding!  Splurge on that 37th TV.
  • Keep your credit card nearby.  Or even better:  someone else’s.
  • To save time and get the best deals, plan to spend the next two days on the toilet.
  • Keep an eye out for a new ankle.  (Note:  Applicable to Dak Prescott only.)
  • Two words:  GO.  BIG.  Deals like these only happen once a year.  Okay, once a month.  Okay, you can find the same prices at Best Buy tomorrow.
  • Create an account your spouse doesn’t have access to.
  • Turn off your computer and go someplace local. (Especially to a store that plays LOCAL radio stations. #ListenLocal)