How Much Toothpaste You Should Really Use

Have you been to the dentist since COVID hit?  A lot of us haven’t, and it could cause issues down the road.  But not just with your teeth. 

  A bunch of recent studies have found gum disease could increase your risk for other things, like diabetes, arthritis, strokes, heart disease, and even cancer.  So don’t wait forever to see your dentist. 

  For now though, here’s a quick tip on something small that you might be doing WRONG when you brush your teeth.

  There’s a dentist named Dr. Gao who posts a lot of videos on TikTok.  And one he did on how much TOOTHPASTE to use has been going viral.

  In commercials, they always cover the entire brush.  Because the more we use, the more they sell.  But that’s way too much.

  You should really be using a fraction of that.  And little kids should use even less.

  Adults only need a single dab of toothpaste, roughly the size of a single pea.  And for kids under three, just smear a thin layer on their brush.  Any more than that is overkill and a waste of money. 

 (Here’s the video.)