Five Things You Can Do Now in the Fall . . . to Have a Better Winter

 Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day.  And with everything going on this year, a lot of people’s mental health is suffering.  So here are five things you can do NOW, to make sure you have a better winter regardless of how the pandemic or election play out . . .

  1.  Make a plan, way ahead of when you’ll actually need it.  Thinking about things in advance and planning for setbacks and hurdles that could come up will help you cope if or when things DO go bad.

  2.  Look at habits that helped you in the spring.  Even if the pandemic gets worse this winter, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect this time.  So think about all the things that helped you feel normal over the last few months, and do those things as needed.

  3.  Talk about your concerns with friends and family.  Remember, you don’t have to process everything you’re feeling alone.  And talking about things with your friends and family could let you know that THEY’RE having similar thoughts.

  4.  Get professional support if you need it.  Whether you’re dealing with loneliness, anxiety, depression, anger, or just bad sleep from constantly thinking about the terrible state of things, it wouldn’t hurt to connect with a mental health professional. 

  5.  Remember to enjoy the present too.  Planning is good, but don’t get SO focused on the upcoming winter that you miss out on the fall.  Ultimately, nobody can predict what the next few weeks and months will bring.  (Self)