Matt Damon Fun-“Facts”

Since Matt Damon turns 50 today, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Weird (and possibly True) “Facts” You Didn’t Know About Matt Damon.


  • In 2015, he received an honorary Oscar for ditching that horrible Boston accent.
  • He’s a frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel.  According to the three people who watch Jimmy Kimmel.
  • He went to Harvard.  Which tells me he’s a genius.  He’s also married with three kids.  Which tells me he’s not.
  • He has an extra finger . . . on his foot.
  • There is a Tom Brady-sized hole in his heart.
  • He got the idea to eat potatoes grown in poop in “The Martian” after ordering fries at Arby’s.
  • He and Ben Affleck have NEVER had sex