Perfectionists May Be More Prone To Helicopter Parenting

It turns out parents with perfectionist tendencies are more likely to be helicopter parents.

Researchers from two universities say that perfectionist parents may see their children’s success as a reflection on themselves, and may engage in over-parenting in an effort to achieve “perfect” results. The scientists say helicopter parenting is also known as “over-parenting”—or hovering over young children and taking care of tasks that the children should be able to do themselves.

Researcher Chris Segrin says, “Perfectionism is a psychological trait of wanting to be perfect, wanting success, wanting to have positive accolades that you can point to. They want to live vicariously through their children’s achievements. They want to see their children achieve because it makes them look good.” It was also found that anxious parents may also be prone to helicoptering, as they see such behavior as risk aversion. (EurekAlert!)