We Have More In Common Than You Might Think

Americans appear to more divided than they’ve been in a long time, particularly with the presidential election less than two months away, but a new poll indicates we don’t want to be.

The survey from Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights and Institute of Politics found that more than 70 percent of Americans believe they have more in common with one another than many people think, according to Politico, which obtained the results ahead of its release. The Carr Center’s John Shattuck said, “Overall I think Americans want not to be divided as politics are forcing it to be, and that’s probably the biggest message of this poll. Division is not what most Americans are seeking.”

The poll also asked about rights and freedoms that respondents view as essential to being an American, and found that many of them that large, bipartisan majorities agreed on went far behind what’s in the Constitution, such as freedom of speech and religion. Among them: the right to clean air and water was considered important by 93 percent; protection of personal data by 93 percent; the right to a quality education by 92 percent; racial equality by 92 percent; affordable health care by 89 percent; and the right to a job by 85 percent. (Politico)