Things You’d Do If You Had Jeff Bezos’ Money

Would you like to switch places with the richest person in the world?  Check out all the possibilities in this list of The Top Things You’d Do If You Had Jeff Bezos’ Money.


  • Buy Andy Reid a face shield with wipers.
  • Pay my fair share of taxes.  Ha, just kidding!  I’d make a giant pole that reaches outer space for no real reason.  
  • Buy a single container of Lysol Wipes on eBay.
  • Buy a Richter scale and then see how high you can make it go by repeatedly dropping your wallet.
  • Hire someone to do all those pointless, menial tasks in your life.  Like, raise your kids.
  • Launch an expedition to finally get Gilligan off that damn island.
  • Buy Mars and open an alien sex farm.
  • Take it to the casino and try to double it!  Duh.