Things You’d Be Surprised to Know About the NFL

With the NFL season opener happening tonight, it’s a great time for this list of The Top Things You’d Be Surprised to Know About the NFL.


  • On November 13th, 1994, Bill Belichick smiled.
  • Lambeau Field would fit 20,000 more fans if everyone in Wisconsin wasn’t so fat.
  • Cheerleaders get paid less than $100 a game.  But in New England, they can make extra money giving massages to Robert Kraft.
  • The Browns’ mascot is a Labrador called “Chomps.”  During games, it plays with the referees’ seeing-eye dogs.
  • Starting this year, any references to “Tiger King” in touchdown celebrations will be grounds for immediate ejection.
  • The most popular way to watch NFL games is in a sports bar.  Because Joe Buck is on mute.
  • If a team wins by more than 50 points, the players get to nail the other team’s wives.
  • Joe Namath was on Richard Nixon’s enemies list.  And the entire league is on Trump’s.
  • The outer shell of an NFL helmet is made from molded polycarbonate . . . as is Jerry Jones’ face.
  • Tom Brady actually has it written into his contract that he’s allowed to cheat.