Guys: Here’s How To Look Your Best In only 4 Minutes

Here are five quick tips from Men’s Health magazine that will have you lookin’ good for the ladies in just four minutes:

1. Trim your sideburns: 1 minute. When they start to look unruly, give them a quick trim for a clean-cut look without a trip to the barber. This refresh only works once between haircuts.

2. Blot your skin: 15 seconds. Men’s skin is naturally more oily than women’s. Keep blotting papers in your desk drawer and give your nose and forehead a quick once-over before heading out for happy hour.

3. Choose a bright shirt: 30 seconds. For a fresher appearance, step out of your comfort zone and opt for more exciting hues. “A bright orange, red or pink shirt will light up your face and make you stand out in a crowd,” says the magazine.

4. Exfoliate: 1 minute. Every day, thousands of tiny skin cells on your face die. Without a good scrub, they can accumulate and produce dry, white flakes around your nose and forehead.

5. Polish your shoes: 1 minute. A recent Men’s Health survey found that the two things women are checking out the most are your shoes and your watch. Scuffed shoes indicate a lack of attention to detail. In a real pinch, try this DIY method: Swipe the inside of a banana peel across your shoe and gently wipe off any excess gunk with a paper towel. The banana has natural oils that will provide a quick shine to your kicks.

I like how it says, “Step out of your comfort zone.” Great advice. That way you can be an awkward, nervous jerk. She’ll love it. And what if you only wear flip-flops? You want me to polish them with a banana peel, too?