Teens Who Think Their Parents Are Loving Are Less Likely To Be Cyberbullies

Your parents have an impact on whether or not you end up being a cyberbully, finds a new study. New York University researchers find that the more teens perceive their parents as loving, the less likely they were to engage in cyberbullying behaviors.

When asked if their parents were loving, those that said “almost never” were over six times more likely to engage in high levels of cyberbullying than those who answered that their parent is “almost always” loving. In addition, other types of emotional support, including how teens feel their parents help and understand them, also contributed to the chances of a teen engaging in cyberbullying or not.

Lead study author Laura Grunin adds, “I would stress to parents it is not necessarily if they think they are being supportive, but what their adolescent thinks. Parents should strive to discern their teen’s perception of parental emotional support as it might be associated with youth cyberbullying behavior.”  (EurekAlert!