The Best Things About Being a Pessimist

Pessimists see the worst aspect of things or believe the worst will happen.  But ironically, there’s a bright side.  Here are The Best Things About Being a Pessimist.



  • If you’re a Miami Marlins fan, you’re never shocked by the outcome of a game.
  • You went into the final season of “Game of Thrones” EXPECTING it to suck.
  • Never thinking anything is worth doing means more time on the couch watching Netflix.
  • You’re never disappointed.  In fact, you think “Young Sheldon” isn’t that bad.
  • That dark cloud always hovering over you protects you from the Sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • You have something in common with everyone on Twitter.
  • When life hands you lemons, you throw them at people.
  • You don’t care if your glass is half empty.  Because you figure what’s inside has been roofied anyway.
  • No one will ask you to borrow the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”.
  • Ever since March, people have been listening to you a lot more.
  • 2020 is actually going better for you than you thought it would.
  • You get to tell optimists “I told you so!”
  • There are none.  But you already knew that.  Because you’re a pessimist.