Couples Who Diet Together Lose More Weight

Are you still eating whatever you want to get through this dumpster fire of a year?  Or are you trying to shed some of that quarantine 15?


Well, when you do decide to reverse course, you might want to think about asking your significant other to lose weight with you.


A new study by the European Society of Cardiology found a lot of couples tend to do better if they try to lose weight TOGETHER.


The study specifically looked at married people after one of them had a heart attack and needed to lose weight for health reasons.  And they found that when the person’s spouse got involved with eating healthy, they were much more likely to stick with it.


When a person’s spouse tried to lose weight with them, they were almost THREE TIMES more likely to be successful.


Researchers think it’s because couples tend to have similar lifestyles already.  And practical things come into play, like grocery shopping and what food you buy.  So “changing habits is difficult when only one person is making the effort.” (Science Daily)