Dating Dealbreakers

We’ve got the results here from a new survey by the Pew Research Center on dating in the U.S.  Here are five highlights . . .

  1.  50% of single people say they’re not looking for dates OR a relationship.  Keep in mind, though, those numbers are skewed a bit by older people who don’t want to date.  Around two-thirds of single people under 40 want dates or a relationship.

  2.  The top five dating dealbreakers for people are:  The person lives far away . . . they have significant debt . . . they voted for President Trump . . . they’re 10 years older . . . or they’re raising kids from another relationship.

  3.  52% of people say there are cases where it’s, quote, “acceptable” to have an open relationship, even if they wouldn’t be into it themselves.

  4.  51% say it’s okay to break up over the phone . . . 13% say it’s okay to break up with a text . . . 13% say it’s okay with an email . . . and 12% say it’s okay with a DM.

 5.  18% of people in relationships today met their significant other through work.  Only 12% met through online dating.  (Pew Research Center)