How To Stop Dwelling On Thoughts About Your Ex

Breaking up is hard to do. Breakup coach Trina Leckie says to continually think about your ex is normal, saying, “You get attached to them, so it’s hard to just suddenly adjust to life without them.”

Online dating expert Julie Spira says a big thing that keeps people from moving on after a break-up is looking at their ex with rose-colored glasses, and says you shouldn’t compare your ex with more compatible matches that may come your way.

The experts agree that you should first look at the breakup by saying to yourself, “How is this something that happened for me, rather than to me?”, and then consciously deciding to move forward and stop dwelling on them. You should also get rid of any physical (or digital) reminders of your ex, and then of course get back out there on the dating scene once you’re ready.  (Elite Daily)