Signs You Spend Too Much Time Online

Smartphone and tablet users spend a combined time of four hours and 33 minutes a day on their devices.  Some people would call them “slackers.”  Here are The Top Signs You Spend Too Much Time Online.


  • When you meet someone new, you ask them to point out fire hydrants to prove they’re not a robot.
  • You heard rumors about this magical place called “outside.”
  • You’ve actually picked up your phone to “block” someone who’s standing right next to you.
  • You know your spirit animal, your porn name, what your birth month says about you, and which “Friend” you are.  (And unfortunately, you’re Ross.)
  • You only speak in acronyms.  LOL!!!
  • You named your kids “Tik” and “Tok.”
  • You have horrible nightmares about living in a house with limited bandwidth and dead spots.
  • You surgically implanted a router to turn your butt into a hot-spot.
  • It’s hard to tell where your fingers end and your keyboard begins.
  • You know what “Quibi” is.
  • When you’re on a date, instead of saying anything out loud, you wait for your date to say something and then try to leave a comment.
  • You clicked on every article about what a celebrity looks like now.
  • You choose friends based on how many Instagram followers they have.
  • You live in America during a pandemic.