Senior Citizen Pick-Up Lines

Today is National Senior Citizens Day, and studies show that more senior citizens are dating.  Find out how some may try to break the ice with this list of The Top Senior Citizen Pick-Up Lines.


  • What’s a girl like you doing in a COVID-ravaged nursing home like this?
  • You had me at “Matlock”.
  • Your eyes are the most beautiful shade of glaucoma.
  • You make my heart stop.  Literally.
  • Is your name “Buick”?  Because I really want to ride you.
  • Have you ever done it with the Grim Reaper watching?
  • Come over to my place, we can Fox News and chill.
  • You look like you’ve been sent from heaven.  Can you tell me about it?  Because I’ll be heading there any minute now.
  • Honey, you can leave your dentures on my nightstand any time.
  • How did you avoid breaking a hip when you fell out of heaven?