Radio Fun “Facts”

 Since today is National Radio Day, we thought it’d be the perfect time for this list of The Top Radio Fun “Facts”.


  • You know how we get all excited to play Supertramp?  It’s all an act.
  • Over 247 million people listen every week . . . but only about six of them laugh at my jokes.
  • Working in radio is fun . . . until you see your paycheck.
  • QAnon followers can get up to 30 radio stations with their tinfoil hats.
  • The first time Japan heard the Emperor’s voice on the radio was when he announced surrender in World War Two.  Immediately followed by him making hilarious prank phone calls to a pizza shop.
  • Radio broadcasters were pioneers in not wearing pants at work.
  • The first broadcast may have occurred in 1906, back when Joe Biden was first getting into politics.