Things We’re Learning About Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s running mate.  Find out more about the potential vice president with this list of The Top Things We’re Learning About Kamala Harris.


  • She keeps Maya Rudolph employed.
  • She’s seconds away from having the validity of her birth certificate questioned by Donald Trump.
  • If she someday becomes the first woman president, Hillary Clinton will have to work extremely hard to appear happy for her.
  • The Indian half of her family is still holding out hope she becomes a doctor.
  • Democrats love her.  Republicans hate her.  Green Partiers are too high to care.
  • She’s spent time in a war zone . . . she was born in Oakland.
  • According to Joe Biden, her hair smells terrific!
  • White supremacist groups are currently trying to figure out which of her ethnicities to attack first.
  • She still gets mail meant for Kamala the wrestler.
  • She’ll always be remembered for “The Immaculate Reception.”  Sorry.  That’s a Top Thing We Learned About FRANCO Harris.