Big 10 Postpones Fall Sports Until Spring

By: Thomas Frank Carr

Beat Writer


After conflicting reports for the past two days, the Big 10 made it official just before 3 pm today that they were pulling the plug on fall sports, including football. Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports, who had been covering the situation broke the news Tuesday afternoon.

After releasing a schedule last week and setting the start date of September 5th, University Presidents and Chancellors gathered (virtually) on Tuesday to discuss whether or not they wanted to try and play college sports amid a pandemic.

The main reason that the league wants to push back sports this fall? Dennis Dodd of CBS sports says that long-term effects of COVID-19 symptoms have emerged that concerned decision-makers.


Players and coaches took to social media and television over the last 24 hours to voice their displeasure at the new of a potentially cancelled or moved football season. James Franklin came out with a strong statement yesterday on social media and then appeared on ESPN’s Get Up! this morning.

The Big 10 becomes the first Power 5 conference to postpone or cancel fall sports before the start of the season. Earlier today UMass (independent) cancelled their fall season. This comes just a day after the Mountain West and the MAC turned the lights off on their seasons. As of now the other Power 5 conferences, especially the ACC and SEC seem set on playing in the fall.

From a logistical standpoint, there has been no word on how the Big 10 plans to recoup the massive losses it’s collective athletic departments will sustain with no fall football. It is also not immediately clear what will happen to player’s eligibility going forward. For NFL Draft hopefuls in 2021, this announcement will likely end their collegiate careers. There is also no word on when the Big 10 plans to reschedule their fall sports for. Penn State football was in the midst of their first full week of training camp.