Benefits of Going Camping

Camping is one of the few activities Americans can enjoy during the pandemic.  Find out why you need to go with this list of The Top Benefits of Going Camping.


  • Watching the fattest member of the family get eaten by a bear will motivate everyone else to eat right and exercise.
  • Forest creatures won’t cancel you for saying something inappropriate.
  • You can terrify everyone around the campfire with your story about that time you went camping.
  • You can take walks that don’t end with you in front of the fridge, rummaging for a piece of yesterday’s pizza.
  • You have less of a chance of being detected digging a shallow grave in the woods versus your backyard.
  • It’s a great way to unplug from the internet and then get back to your home and post a bunch of photos of you camping on the internet.
  • Whipping a pinecone at your spouse’s head is very therapeutic.
  • Bears don’t put political signs in their front yard.
  • You finally get to use your solar-powered margarita blender.
  • You’ll gain confidence.  For instance, you’ll be confident that your next vacation will be at a luxury spa.
  • Learning how to live in a tent will prepare you for when this economy inevitably leaves you homeless.
  • Ticks introduce you to body crevices you never knew you had.
  • You can swallow your yearly quota of spiders during a single night’s sleep.