TV Storylines That Were Unnecessary

Just because you love a show, that doesn’t mean you have to love EVERYTHING about it.  Buzzfeed asked fans to name storylines that were just unnecessary.  Here were some of their responses:


1.  Michael coming back after he supposedly died on “Jane the Virgin”.

2.  Quinn getting into a car accident and ending up in a wheelchair on “Glee”.

3.  Ted going back to Robin on the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”.

4.  Rachel and Joey’s romance on “Friends”.

5.  The existence of Ben (Ross’ son) on “Friends”.

6.  Spencer having an evil twin at the end of “Pretty Little Liars”.

7.  Eleven finding her “siblings” on “Stranger Things”.

8.  Luke discovering he had a daughter on “Gilmore Girls”.

9.  Olivia being kidnapped on “Scandal”.

10.  Jim and Pam having marital problems on the final season of “The Office”.

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