Top Google Searches During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on online searches since it began early this year.  See what we mean with this list of The Top Google Searches During the Pandemic.


  • What’s the cost of living in New Zealand?
  • What the hell is a Quibi?
  • Why are my clothes getting tighter?
  • Does Dr. Deborah Birx wear neck scarves to cover hickeys?
  • Why did we ever think “Friends” was funny?
  • Bleach breakfast smoothie recipes.
  • Is it wrong to punch an old lady over the last bottle of Lysol?
  • Who is the best divorce lawyer in my area?
  • Anthony Fauci shirtless.
  • How many Scrabble points for “hydroxychloroquine?”
  • How much dumber have I become since watching “Tiger King”?
  • Do elastic waistbands ever break?
  • What day is it?