Things that Annoy Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci isn’t thrilled when President Trump and members of his administration throw him under the bus.  So we can add that to this list of The Top Things that Annoy Dr. Fauci.


  • Strangers calling him “Tony,” when his nickname’s actually “T-Dawg.”
  • Those times when Dr. Birx comes to a taskforce meeting with a major flatulence issue.
  • Mrs. Fauci wants one of those “Will and Jada arrangements.”
  • When people ask him if he played Sophia on “The Golden Girls”.
  • Dedicating decades of your life to science and being taken as seriously as a shirtless guy in a basement who made a YouTube video.
  • Oprah giving a TV show to that bald dope with a mustache instead of him.
  • Looking for something on a high shelf. 
  • Nobody’s asked him to join the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy”.