Hamburger Fun “Facts”

Today is National Burger Day.  (Yes, there are multiple National Burger Days every year . . . we “celebrated” another one two months ago.)  So check out this list of The Top Hamburger Fun “Facts”


  • The hamburger was born in Germany but inexplicably became an American sensation.  So, the opposite of David Hasselhoff.

  • Donald Trump loves them so much that he often says, “Person, woman, man, camera, Quarter Pounder.”
  • It’s called an Impossible Burger because it’s impossible to get anyone over 45 to eat it.
  • The most popular hamburger is the Big Mac.  The least popular is the Salmonella Sizzler.
  • Ordering a meatless hamburger will get you shot in Texas.
  • Small hamburgers are called “sliders.”  Large hamburgers are called “desperate cries for help.”
  • McDonald’s has a secret menu that serves whatever animal Grimace might be.
  • Fans of dad jokes just RELISH this day!