The Music We Listened To in Our Younger Years Defines Us Forever

If you feel the music you listened in your younger years is important—you’re right. Researchers from two UK-based universities find that the music we listen to between the ages of 10 and 30 defines us for the rest of our lives. Specifically, researchers found that people imagining themselves in isolation not only prefer music reminding them of a time when they were ages 10 to 30, but also are most-likely to choose music that reminds them of an important person.

In other words, they use their music choices to create feelings that an important person is with them, or to remind them of an important turning point in their life—both of these things are powerful ways to strengthen one’s sense of self. Lead researcher, Professor Catherine Loveday explains, “Guests frequently chose songs because they were related to important memories that occurred during teenage years. This extends previous findings by showing that music from this time has particular meaning, primarily because it relates to memories from this very important developmental period of our life. […] Because the premise of [this study] is that people imagine themselves in isolation, this research has relevance to anyone who becomes isolated, including during lockdown measures in the current coronavirus pandemic […]”.