Coca-Cola Fun “Facts”

You probably know that Coca-Cola has been the top-selling soft drink in the world for decades, but there’s more to know about the soda giant.  Here are The Top Coca-Cola Fun Facts.


  • Coke’s original slogan was “Let’s Make Diabetes Refreshing!”
  • Its recyclable bottles and cans give Scott Baio a significant revenue stream.
  • Mentos does to it what Chipotle does to your colon.
  • Coca-Cola isn’t sold in North Korea, because there’s no food to drink it with.
  • It was originally sold as a cure for headaches, depression, hysteria, and everything else you experience daily in the year 2020.
  • It was meant to be medicinal, but quickly became a beloved addition to our daily diet.  Sorry, that’s a Top Oxycontin Fun Fact.
  • It was first intended to be a medical tonic, just like Mountain Dew was first invented as a mouthwash.