Kanye West Presidential Campaign Slogans

 Kanye West says he’s running for president.  And he’s got some potential campaign slogans ready to go.  Here are The Top Kanye West Presidential Campaign Slogans.



  • I’ll Turn the Lincoln Bedroom into a Shoe Closet.
  • Four Words:  Supreme Court Justice Beyoncé.
  • Yes We Can . . . Elect Someone Else Completely Unqualified.
  • Kanye:  The Only Thing He Colludes with is Crazy.
  • I’m Endorsed by Four of the Five Voices in My Head.
  • I’ll Let Taylor Swift Interrupt the State of the Union.
  • Just When You Thought We Couldn’t Get a President with a Bigger Ego.
  • Kim Jong-Un Will Think I’m Dennis Rodman.
  • Four More Rears.
  • I’ll Win in Every Part of the Country One of My Kids Is Named After.
  • You Have to Elect Me . . . It’s Already in the Script!
  • I Don’t Drink Clorox.
  • He’s a Billionaire.  What Could Go Wrong?