If You Compliment People At Work, Use This Rule

You have to be careful with what you say to people these days, and Twitter user Marissa Lingen has a brilliant solution. She suggests using the word “snazzy” when remarking on your colleagues’ outfits, or, as she explains, use language like your great-aunt would use. She writes, “’Snazzy shirt, work friend!’ ‘Hey, those are some snazzy earrings you’ve got on, neighbor!’ See how you sound like someone’s great-aunt? Perfect.” You’re not limited to using the word snazzy, but great-aunt language is a good rule to go by as it’s cheerful, positive, and inherently inoffensive. Twitter user, Michael Davenport also chimed in with some good advice. He writes, “I like complimenting matches, e.g., ‘Neat, your headband matches your earrings!’ The reaction is usually either ‘Yeah! Thanks for noticing!’ or ‘Haha it was an accident but it works, eh?” [This] compliments a CHOICE, it works for any gender, it usually makes the person feel good.” One more rule: if you notice that someone you work with, but are not involved in a consensual romantic/ sexual relationship with, has a nice body part, do not tell them under any circumstances—body parts cannot be considered snazzy. (LifeHacker)